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Who and acupa and who suffers from this

deise de jesus
deise de jesus | Mar 29, 2015 | in Think Water

In Brazil , there were several disasters involving oil tankers , in January 2000 , 1.29 million liters of oil leaked from one of the cargo ships in Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro . Six months later, another accident caused the leak of 380 liters in the same region . In July 2000 , 4 million leaked oil from the Getúlio Vargas Refinery in Araucaria , Parana , to the Iguaçu River. In Ceará , there was a spill of about 100 liters in two Paracuru platforms. In November 2000 , 86,000 liters of oil was spilled by the São Sebastião Channel . More recently in March 2001 , was the worst accident in recent years, about 1.5 million liters of petrol and diesel were spilled because of an explosion on the platform in the Campos Basin in Rio de Janeiro . Who and acupa and who suffers from this

Louis Allen Mar 29, 2015

There has been some shocking disasters with tankers in the world which is not good at all for the sea

Janet Bradley Mar 29, 2015

Terrible diasters, really awful for the environment 

George Richardson Mar 29, 2015

All these major reported have been disasterous for many forms of marine life,but i believe the problem is even greater with many companies through their captains washing out their tanks at sea,causing much more pollution, endangering io killing marine life and adding to the de-oxydisation of our oceans and destroying coral among many other creatures.

George Richardson Mar 29, 2015

One thing which constantly goes unreported,is the massive areas of land,and vast amount of water in a polluted state        OUR major oil companies inflict on poorer countries where they gain their vast power and wealth,while destroying thousands of lives.  Even in rich countries like Nigeria conditions aloud by corruption in government and business practices leave many with little or no decent water.

Adrian Elward Mar 30, 2015

Hummm a natural product going back to nature ..just in the wrong amount and place..If it had been coal no one really would have been bothered... BTW we walk along the SE coast at deal and pick up bags of sea coal,,wow it burns well..makes our boiler  earn its living..not many people bother to pick it up as all on central heating,so its a real easy bonus and a prize from bad weather down here ..it comes from where the Kent coal seams break thru the sea bed...

George Richardson Mar 30, 2015

Nice source of cheap energy and it is anice bonus  Are you sorta bending or even breaking a few rules burning coal.  If it is were the Kent coal field seams break through the sea bed,normsl mining if ever reopened would have been lost. New access from the sea.