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not live without water

deise de jesus
deise de jesus | Mar 29, 2015 | in Think Water

Water is a substance , without it life on our planet would be impossible. In the world there is a lot of water , but it is not distributed equally, some places have in abundance and other places are lacking , the Earth's surface consists of three quarts of water , about 70 % , most are concentrated in the oceans and seas , about 97.5 % , the remaining 2.5% is concentrated in icebergs and glaciers , with only 0.007 % goes to the rivers , lakes and reservoirs of the planet's surface .

Louis Allen Mar 29, 2015

interesting stats there, the oceans in the world are massive

George Richardson Mar 29, 2015

Good points,well made. Somewhere in the mass of information on site .I did point out the tiny % that is land based.  Where it really starts to get scary is that tiny proportion yields 25% of our available water .Much of which is polluted and unfit for humans,either through nature [malaria,cholera etc, ] or man [chemicals.oil etc ]. The Same being true for the other 75% coming from our seas and oceans,which covwe two thirds of our globes surface,and we seem intent in polluting as well. 

Adrian Elward Mar 30, 2015

Sailed from Antigua to Maderia off the main shipping rutes,,8 days we saw 1 other ship and one Jet vapour trail..the sea was on average 5 miles deep.. NOW that gave a feeling of how much water there is..Intresting when I was   still working  as a dive we were told that the water in London had on average been out of a tap 7 times and recycled...We took our own flask's and avoided their kind offer of tea when it was cold....

George Richardson Mar 30, 2015

See your point ,but the millions of Londoners really have very little option and without constsnt recycling would have virtually none.================Beggars can't be chooses and within a couple of decades that may apply to all of us. UNLESS,LIKE THIS FORUM INTENDS WE SERIOUSLY START NOW.