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Mary O'Connor
Mary O'Connor | Mar 23, 2015 | in Water Aware

At the end of the day I think that people need to see a bigger reason to save water. Just looking at our own households can make us forget the wider picture and how important water actually is. I know sometimes it is rather cliched, but the people in Africa who do not have clean water would really be bothered if they knew just how much water gets wasted in developed countries. Every drop of water is precious to some of these places and some people can't even be bothered to turn off a tap!

Louis Allen Mar 23, 2015

the third world countries would be very shocked to learn how much the resst of the world wastes

Lewis Jones Mar 23, 2015

Price is always a good incentive! When Irish Water announced the introduction of new charges (previously water was just part of the 'rates'), the demand/use in Dublin went down by 50% - then when the population threatened riots and non-payment, Irish Water relented and guess what?? Yes, demand went back up!!

Janet Bradley Mar 25, 2015

Maybe the people of Dublin needed more than the reason of cost to stick tomthis new concept.

George Richardson Mar 23, 2015

Hammy they would be devastated especially when on the point of death,yet millions in the developed world see  their plight and carry on regardless. Fortunately many have had their lives saved by millions who do care and help in many ways.  It will never really change until these countries get honest and caring governance.

Mary O'Connor Mar 23, 2015

You have hit the nail on the head George...there is hardly any honesty or care for others anymore. People are very selfish these days, especially so in developed countries where everything is taken for granted. People generally are not bothered about looking after things at all.

mark burns Mar 23, 2015

hammy is right, it makes you sit back and look how selfish we really are 

Mary O'Connor Mar 23, 2015

Things like this really need to be taught in schools, it is harder to teach adults to change their ways once they are set in them. Saving water beds to be taught to children from a young age so they grow up with it and know why it is important.

Janet Bradley Mar 25, 2015

I guess the way to teach adults does need to be really considered. Parents do need to lead by example, or there will be a generation growing up thinking their parents are hypocrites 

Janet Bradley Mar 24, 2015

Very true... at the moment, it is pouring with rain here.... I can hear it pounding on the roof. I sometimes find it hard to remember how important it is to save water... it rains where I live so often!! I almost need something in front of me constantly to remind me - where Louis' sticker set would come in really handy!

Hannah Smith Mar 27, 2015

I've been to places where there is no running water.. it really hits you! 

Louis Allen Mar 27, 2015

it must be awful and shocking