Water Talkers


Sarah Sands
Sarah Sands | Mar 23, 2015 | in Loo Litter

Show what happens when a blockage occurs

Louis Allen Mar 23, 2015

You can check out site like anglian/yorkshire water also water aid

George Richardson Mar 23, 2015

It is Horrendous.What is truly awful is that in condominiums and large blocks of flats etc. it is quite often someone other than the perprotator who suffers those terrible consequences.

Louis Allen Mar 26, 2015

i have experienced from a neighbour it it is horrible

mark burns Mar 23, 2015

If a drain is blocked or defective the responsibility lies with the owner of the property served by the sewer. If the property is rented, liability may fall to the landlord.

George Richardson Mar 26, 2015

Perhaps some need to learn the hard way. They would not be in a hurry to repeat the experience.

Janet Bradley Mar 26, 2015

But other people suffer at the same time, not just the property owner.

Louis Allen Mar 26, 2015

very true aster 1x me and my family suffered for days thanks to some idiot putting things down her toilet upstairs and the landlord said it was upto me i could not believe it

Janet Bradley Mar 28, 2015

Flats are always going to be the hardest to resolve.

Jim Samme Mar 28, 2015

As far as I'm aware, the water company is responsible for all problems with sewage pipes from the manhole cover on your land. This is the junction where the pipes from your toilet etc join the pipe which can run under your garden / driveway etc to the main sewer in the road. This junction can sometimes be in the cellar on older homes. This wasn't always their responsibility, as in the past they were only liable for a blockage from the main sewer to your boundary, but the laws changed a few years ago.

Janet Bradley Mar 28, 2015

Yes, that is how I understood too

George Richardson Mar 28, 2015

That is comforting to know Sir. Thank you.