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Great Analogy - Add Others?

katie@100open.com | Mar 23, 2015 | in Water Aware

This is an analogy from the water companies, which really hit the spot for me and made me understand why just building more reservoirs isn't the answer.

Building more water infrastructure to cope with the odd drought situation is like building all motorways with 18 lanes just to cope with a once a year bank holiday snarl up.

Can you think of another analogy for this, or other aspects of water saving awareness?

Image: Motorway Madness by David Bolton from Flickr

Andrew O'Connor Mar 23, 2015

I like this analogy, very good!

George Richardson Mar 23, 2015

I did mention in a very early post how this country really is one big resevoir. Water table,rivers lakes wetlands Norfolk Broads,and lochs in Scotland and N.I.as well as all the resevoirs themselves,Kielder alone being Huge. So the water board's analogy is spot on. This countries problem is huge wasteage,water pollution and crumbling infrastructure serving ever greater demand,  Hence the billions water boards are having to spend to update and modernise our complete water supplysystem,

George Richardson Mar 23, 2015

Another analogy could be.Theme parks.The more successful the attractions,the more and bigger they get,then the QUEUES BECOME ENDLESS,

katie@100open.com Mar 23, 2015

or, to put it another way, you have to build a theme park the size of Dorset to avoid queuing for rides on August Bank Holiday! Good spot George!

Louis Allen Mar 26, 2015

some great analogys there

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George Richardson Mar 23, 2015

Planting more trees in temperate zone countries while allowing Wholesale destruction of Tropical  Rain Forests,is like trying to bail out the Titanic with a tea cup.

Louis Allen Mar 23, 2015

great thoughts

George Richardson Mar 23, 2015

Not quotes, original thuughts.

anita lewis Mar 23, 2015

Good analogy but a lot of people get the feeling that the prospect of a drought is a regular threat from the water companies and don't understand why that should be an issue in this country,which is,I guess,where this forum started!

katie@100open.com Mar 25, 2015

Bambi - very interesting comment. I asked myself how often I think we are in a 'drought' that gets into the news - I feel like it's about once every three years? anyone reading comment please and put your own perception of drought frequency in.

anita lewis Mar 25, 2015

It feels like most years recently there has been talk at some point about the threat of drought which fortunately then rarely materialises! I think this makes people more blasé about it and dont see water conservation as a real issue.

Janet Bradley Mar 25, 2015

that is so true. I think people only view themselves as really in drought when it actually starts affecting them....they are banned from using hosepipes and sprinklers.

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George Richardson Mar 23, 2015

ABSOLUTELY correct my little fawn.

Janet Bradley Mar 24, 2015

Great analogy - which is probably why they have to create "disaster recovery" type plans for different scenarios such as droughts, floods, etc.

I guess the infrastructure would only need to be there if there was a continued drought such as in California.

mark burns Mar 25, 2015

totally agree with you aster1x, people are just too ignorant with it 

Louis Allen Mar 26, 2015

its shocking how much of society are too ignorant now

George Richardson Mar 25, 2015

The trouble is they go along with the saying. Ignorance is bliss.