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is it clean

john herron
john herron | Mar 23, 2015 | in Water Aware

whould you use the same bath water as your kids or partner ?

Lewis Jones Mar 23, 2015

Not sure I like that idea - but check this out:



john herron Mar 23, 2015

well spoted . 

mark burns Mar 23, 2015

growing up i did me and my brother had to share bathwater in the good old 80's

Louis Allen Mar 23, 2015

Nice link I share one with a partner

katie@100open.com Mar 23, 2015

Yes, with a v quick rinse off at the end with the shower.

George Richardson Mar 23, 2015

It is a practice which, has gone on for as long as i can remember,and in days of shortage has been officially  recommended. Never hurt anyone in my family, and as youngsters was at times fun,and of course someone to wash your pack.a little later in life,some pleasurable experiences.Now it's only memories.I was only looking at a photo of my two daughters at 5 &2,sitting in the bath together,hair fully lathered toys in hand,and obviously laughing hilariously.                          ---------------- On a more serious note the web site provided by Lewis really makes the point of where theworld is placed with water,frightening.---These are the facts the public needs hitting with time after time after time.

Andrew O'Connor Mar 23, 2015

I wouldn't mind sharing one...suppose it depends how dirty it is once they are finished with it though e.g. kids after playing rugby, your not going to share one but if they haven't done any activity I don't see why not

Janet Bradley Mar 25, 2015

Certainly would depend on what was being washed off... sharing a muddy bath is definitely not a good idea!

Andrew O'Connor Mar 25, 2015

I wouldn't do it!

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Qualitycurls Mar 23, 2015

I use the tub water to water my plants :)

Andrew O'Connor Mar 25, 2015

good thinking

Janet Bradley Mar 25, 2015

Do you store the water... or do you water the plants immediately after having a bath?

Andrew O'Connor Mar 25, 2015

I hadn't thought of using bath water to water plants but I want to start doing that now

Qualitycurls Mar 25, 2015

both. i have a recycled garbage can I use as the barrel. great arm workout!

Janet Bradley Mar 25, 2015

Certainly a very good form of exercise... and saving water... well done

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Janet Bradley Mar 24, 2015

I shared the bath water with my brother as a child... my mum wouldn't have ever thought it was necessary to fill up the bath twice for us! I always preferred being first though! But we had to take it in turns. My brother and I are both find still... so I think it's fine!

George Richardson Mar 25, 2015

Five of us and the only girl was the eldest so she got first dibs,then the boys two bt two. Then water was appreciated as dear Mother had to heat it ,carry to and fill tin bath,then empty it. If the same was applied to todays children to save water mum would have little to do except play with and dry them.

Janet Bradley Mar 25, 2015

My nan said baths were taken in the cellar of their house.... it was the point nearest where they could get the hot water, so they didn't have to carry it as far.

George Richardson Mar 25, 2015

We did that in summer,but then at other times it was too cold and the water got cold very quickly too.