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Wet wipes

Judith Sherlock
Judith Sherlock | Mar 22, 2015 | in Out of Sight Out of Mind

As we all know wet wipes block drains, and kill wild life!

Every one loves them but they contain plastic and are not biodegradable.  We must make sure that every packet carries a warning such as - WET WIPES DESTROY THE PLANET, DO NOT FLUSH DOWN THE TOILET. 

George Richardson Mar 22, 2015

Well said Judith,i like that but will the manufacturers.  I think this is one case where government should definately step in and legislate. No clear warning,no liscence to sell in THE U.K. if they do not like it,tough. We managed well before wipes. The market very often doesn't know best for peoples good or benefit. but the bottom line always.

Judith Sherlock Mar 22, 2015

I so agree with you. ......