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Celebrity environmental challenge

Janet Bradley
Janet Bradley | Mar 22, 2015 | in Water Aware

I am sorry if this idea has come up in my absence, but I am unable to read everyone's comments and ideas until Tuesday. But I did have one further idea

  Celebrity environmental challenge!!!   We are used to having celebrities learning tasks, completing them, as individuals or groups as part of tv shows, such as "I'm a Celebrity...", "Strictly Come Dancing", etc. this has made me have the idea of "Celebrity Environmental Challenge".    The concept in my head is two celebrity teams each week competing to complete a challenge, such as, dig wells in Africa, clean up beaches of debris including wipes, get rid of a fat berg, build a wind mill, convert a double decker bus to a mobile water museum, Some challenges water based, others not.   Each celebrity team would be assigned an environmental geek, or a techy person, who could help them with their challenges. They would have to build wells with what is available locally, etc. so the programme would not only highlight issues, it would also show why things sometimes can take time to overcome, but also, what individuals can do.   I view it as doing good, and helping the general public see what they also can do.   Each week, the public would vote on which team did the best, and the team who did the best, would get some additional aid to complete the next challenge.   On another note, the water board tv sponsorship could be wrapped around this series.

Louis Allen Mar 22, 2015

Thats some great idea there, think it would be very good to get celebrities doing some actual work and helping the world notice how precious water is in a fun and active way

Janet Bradley Mar 24, 2015

A lot of the celebrity type challenges don't have a point to them... they aren't helping the community. I just thought this would be ways of helping communities and highlighting issues.

mark burns Mar 22, 2015

this is a fantastic idea 

Janet Bradley Mar 24, 2015

thank you

George Richardson Mar 23, 2015

Love the idea aster1x .a little along the lines of Challenge Aneka.,only with more celebrities involved/ Aneka Rice's program was hugely successful. Hear i would like to offer an alternative. Four teams but with just one celebrity in each with a back up team.to support them, say one camera operator,someone in charge of transport.a fixer who organises site materials and local craftsmen and labour and whatever else to make it work perhaps a logistician. Four Teams sent four different places but with same challenge, Public vote with one leaving each time So three challengers over six weeks,with 9 communities benefitting. The money raised through the voting being used  or distributed to further the aims of water charities. As you said it could be used to highlight water problems and the dire needs of many,and how communal help can solve them.

Janet Bradley Mar 24, 2015

Yes, I had thoughts about the fact that money would also be raised through telephone voting - that money could even be used to buy those water filtration bottles and send them to Africa.

George Richardson Mar 25, 2015

The more the better.

Chris Jones Mar 26, 2015

I love this idea. Communities could be engaged up front to nominate challenges and then there'd be a public vote on which challenges are to be tackled by the celebrity teams.

Janet Bradley Mar 26, 2015

It would be good to get communities on side... deal with issues that really affect people - it will encourage people to watch and participate.

Louis Allen Mar 26, 2015

worth considering and all the money that gets charged on the phone in's could go to water aid

Janet Bradley Mar 26, 2015

...Or buy water filtration bottles!

George Richardson Mar 26, 2015

That being the whole purpose louis, and if it became really popular and the money was only used for water initiatives where desperately needed would save many,many thousands of lives,water troly being valued.

George Richardson Mar 26, 2015

When you think only one hundredth of the worlds water is available as drinking water.and a lot of that in many places is polluted by man,and huge growth in population,and industry to feed it,we have to realise the value of every drop,and save on a universal level.

George Richardson Mar 26, 2015

A program like this would and could stress over and over the need for saving water.

Janet Bradley Mar 26, 2015

I think in particular, people in this country can view themselves as "I'm alright Jack", it's not here... it's somewhere else. I can carry on doing what I'm doing... it doesn't affect me.

I think programmes like this could help show how it COULD be here... what COULD happen soon if our habits don't change. Plus show what is happening now with fatbergs etc.