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Andrew O'Connor
Andrew O'Connor | Mar 22, 2015 | in Water Aware

interesting read here


Irish Water isn’t fixing more leaks – or spending more on infrastructure


mark burns Mar 22, 2015

clearly something going wrong then, i thought new pipes may be the answer to less leaks to a certain extent 

Andrew O'Connor Mar 22, 2015

yeah. suppose they can't justify the money for it really. there is a ridiculous amount of water lost in the UK due to leaking pipes

George Richardson Mar 22, 2015

They do point out it's fixing the whole length of the system,and it is not just the number of leaks,but there size and the amount of water each repair saves.

Louis Allen Mar 22, 2015

seems such a waste but so expensive to resolve

George Richardson Mar 22, 2015

That is because of 3 or 4 decades of neglect.

Louis Allen Mar 22, 2015

very true money spent elsewhere

George Richardson Mar 23, 2015

Yes shareholders,many living abroad,and foreign owned water companies,

Janet Bradley Mar 24, 2015

It looks like they are looking for serious solutions, not just patch ups

George Richardson Mar 31, 2015

They need a mixture of both i think.