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Janet Bradley
Janet Bradley | Mar 17, 2015 | in Water Aware

George made a comment on my field trip suggestion regarding the cost of field trips… that although good the cost makes them prohibitive at times…. So I started thinking of an alternative.

My suggestion is that the field trip can be brought to schools.

If each water board converted a lorry or a bus into a mobile water museum – maybe include a small history section – why sewers were needed, what happened before sewers, etc. Then included a section of what happens with sewers, water treatment today etc. Plus another section on what not to do – i.e. what happens when something flushable is put down the toilet. Last section on water saving ideas – and maybe the average daily consumption of each person could be explained in what percentage of the lorry or bus equated to that as a measure.

Just a thought to bring the learning facility to the school! Could also be taken to other events within the community.

Louis Allen Mar 17, 2015

great idea there are alot of unused buses around the uk and kids love to go them, very good as the buses could go to many many schools

Janet Bradley Mar 17, 2015

I was thinking that it puts the cost on the water company and not the schools too.

Andrew O'Connor Mar 17, 2015

great idea!

Louis Allen Mar 17, 2015

lets puts these unused buses to good use

Chloe Booker Mar 17, 2015

GREAT idea! I remember when I was at school there was a bus that came round full of information on drugs. For some reason because it was on a bus, it made it really exciting. And plenty of space for images, and example of things. Maybe we could combine ideas here and have 'Aqua man' on board?! 

Janet Bradley Mar 17, 2015

Yes, I think that the excitement of something like this coming to the school, will make it stick in children's memory. Great idea about combining with Aqua man - love that - in fact Aqua man could be dressed up and handing out shower timers or something! :-)

Janet Bradley Mar 18, 2015

We could combine another concept too. Gina's poo powered bus!! So three ideas in one!! :-)

Andrew O'Connor Mar 18, 2015

haha very eco friendly!

Louis Allen Mar 18, 2015

poo powered bus sounds great lol

katie@100open.com Mar 19, 2015

Oh get IN! This is all a great idea IMHO. And a poo powered bus too!

Louis Allen Mar 19, 2015

What a name too sounds eco

Andrew O'Connor Mar 18, 2015

yeah I agree if you know something different if coming to school you will get all excited about it and more likely to remember it. wouldn't be good if he was handing out water balloons I suppose lol

Janet Bradley Mar 19, 2015

ah, but water balloons would be fun!! :-)

Andrew O'Connor Mar 18, 2015

these buses would be very effective and they could visit many different schools and Aqua Man to the rescue!

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George Richardson Mar 17, 2015

Your so right and glad my idea started this particular debate.----aster1x you said you would go away and think,which you did very usefully. At one of the Primary Schools as a governor,and on Resources backed the idea to buy an old Double Decker,which after a paint job and internal fittings mostly by volunteers with appropriate skills we opened it as a learning bus. The children love it. and a travelling water show would be brilliant.

Janet Bradley Mar 17, 2015

That's good George - well, I still like the field trip idea, and for some children who live close to these type of facilities, I still would recommend that they do it... but for those who can't do it, because of cost, or distance, then this is the next best alternative that I could think of!

Andrew O'Connor Mar 18, 2015

very good im sure the kids would love going on a double decker bus!

Louis Allen Mar 19, 2015

double decker buses would be better than single ones as you could show alot more water related info.

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anita lewis Mar 19, 2015

This mobile bus is a great idea.the water company should be responsible for  a lot of the education about water issues and this is a great way for them to deliver it with no cost to schools other than time.come on water companies, what are you waiting for?!

anita lewis Mar 19, 2015

If you are in the north I highly recommend taking the kids to the Manchester science museum to see water/sewer related stuff.

Janet Bradley Mar 19, 2015

Not been there, but I will go if I am in the area, thank you.

Louis Allen Mar 19, 2015

ooh sounds good bambi i should be in manchester end of the year

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George Richardson Mar 19, 2015

Bambi god advice and information about the Manchester Science Museum,it is Brilliant if that is your interest,and fascinating for those unaware of such wonders.

Janet Bradley Mar 24, 2015

I have thought a bit more about this... I liked my idea about field trips as often there are some parents that accompany children on the trips (if primary school). I think if these mobile water museums came to schools, I think that on the weeks that they came, parents should be encouraged to come to school and see them too - it's not just children that need education... parents, adults need educating just as much! Who puts the fat down the sink? Not the children!