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Drain Cleaning.

George Richardson
George Richardson | Mar 15, 2015 | in Water Aware

Ask your local authority how much they have cut back on cleaning drains'

Louis Allen Mar 15, 2015

will do i think maybe its due to people acting more responsibly

George Richardson Mar 15, 2015

You can not be serious.

Louis Allen Mar 15, 2015

well some are like myself and more should do

Janet Bradley Mar 15, 2015

I think councils are trying to be more proactive in being preventative, clearing up leaves before they get down the sewer. I see them clearing more leaves than they used to.

Judith Sherlock Mar 15, 2015

We had to ask our council to clear leaves away in our cul de sac.

George Richardson Mar 22, 2015

Yes leaves are a huge drain blocker.