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Hard to stop this activity

S B | Mar 13, 2015 | in Loo Litter

I am not sure there is much you can do about this, people will continue to do this as they do not take the problem seriously or consider that it is their right to put whatever they like in the loo.

Andrew O'Connor Mar 13, 2015

good point, a lot of people do not take it serious or don't think it will cause serious damage. people need to be told 'hey, dont do it, it can block you toilet, put it in the bin' 

Louis Allen Mar 21, 2015

people need to spread the word poroperly as its not right that it costs so much and these costs could go to other people that need water

Andrew O'Connor Mar 22, 2015

exactly, good point

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Janet Bradley Mar 13, 2015

Yes, we live in a society where people want to do what they want, when they want, and not be told they can't

Andrew O'Connor Mar 13, 2015

Some people dont care and have the wrong attitude...and think sure its away now and its not my problem

George Richardson Mar 15, 2015

Even the dimmest or most irresponsible learn in time. If not they will finish uop paying through the nose.

Janet Bradley Mar 16, 2015

I have been thinking about this post.... maybe we will never educate enough people, so it's more about making sure what can be expected to be put down the toilets are either fully flushable, or a high tax is put on the items that are put down toilets which shouldn't. So there is an added tax for wet wipes for example, and the tax collected from this source is sent straight to the water companies for sewer repair.

Andrew O'Connor Mar 17, 2015

some people will never listen and still do their own thing. they will probably buy the same items they get even if it is a bit more expensive if it is habit and routine to do so. good thinking though. 

Janet Bradley Mar 17, 2015

I think that is part of the problem - some people won't listen however much you tell them what the consequences are.

Louis Allen Mar 21, 2015

true but if the police and the government and the water companies got involved all together and started punishing it would help


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katie@100open.com Mar 17, 2015

Hi arequipa - indeed - it is a hard question, behaviour change. That's why the water companies are investing in projects like the one we are engaged with now. Behaviour change happens though - through information and persuasion. That's how adverts work - they tell you about something you have previously not needed, they use their dark advertising arts to persuade you - and you find yourself buying the product. If advertising didn't work, no-one would spend money doing it.

So behaviour change is the other side of this coin - it used to be normal to smoke, to drink and drive, to litter the streets with bus tickets and fag ends, and going back - to go to dog fights for fun - you get the picture.

So I have to disagree with you - behaviour can change - OK maybe not every person will become a repsonsible loo owner - but if 90% change - that's a result.

Janet Bradley Mar 17, 2015

A well argued point KatieW - and I can see it's about getting the majority to change, so that the minority can feel shamed into realising that there stance is actually behind the times.

I like the point you have made about smoking - when my parents got married, it was so socially acceptable to smoke, a lot of the official wedding photographs have them smoking in them!! Now, I can't imagine that happening!

Andrew O'Connor Mar 17, 2015

well argued point

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George Richardson Mar 17, 2015

Changing bad habits people  have acquired over many years is difficult and can like some of the things mentioned by KatieW take a generation to bring these behaviour changes about. I will keep banging on about catching and educatingour younger generation as often and wherever we can. As mentioned in Bad Habits,Education begins at home etc.etc.

Andrew O'Connor Mar 17, 2015

change doesn't happen quickly and it will take hard work and a lot of different interventions such as TV, schools etc

Louis Allen Mar 21, 2015

it does take time but with the help of charities and councils which is starting to work we will get there

George Richardson Mar 21, 2015

I wish you were right louisdavid allen but charities councils and Police are now so underfunded they cannot keep up to doing all they should,never mind,so people have got to be told by their peers when they are doing wrong. Those out there believe me are not coming to any ones aid. Mr Osborne is promising much deeper cuts, so it will only get worse.

Andrew O'Connor Mar 22, 2015

it is worrying times indeed!

Louis Allen Mar 26, 2015

very true george and aoc27 it is very difficult for change to occur

Janet Bradley Mar 26, 2015

I think we have spoken about shock tactics with statistics before... can help get message across quickly

George Richardson Mar 26, 2015

But somehow it has to. I can see across the world in another decade or so, Draconian steps being taken by all governments.

Janet Bradley Mar 26, 2015

It goes back to power lobbys George - you have the US refusing to sign up to climate control measures as it would affect big business... with all these things, if it affects business and costs money, it can even be a struggle to get governments on board.

George Richardson Mar 27, 2015

The worlds leaders,well the so called democracy leaders, have got to get out of bed with big business,multi-nationals,and start working  for the people they are put in power by and are supposed to represent.However the unelected C.E.O's wield more wealth and power than many of these Nations which they can bankrupt at will. Result your power lobby's call the shots. President Obama has just said the U.S.A. has to cut carbon emissions by 40%,but i doubt he will get it through either chamber run by opposition and backed by power lobbies.  So you are right about struggling to get our representatives to represent us.