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Eco Friendly toilets for the whole family!

Louis Allen
Louis Allen | Mar 11, 2015 | in Think Water

This is a great idea i came across to get kids to save on water and to teach them not put things down the toilet.  It also saves on water and looks great.

Louis Allen Mar 11, 2015

The Fish n' Flush brings life to your bathroom decor with its fish tank toilet kit. This extraordinary idea is not entirely about looks, as the tank is also eco-friendly.

The design of the Fish n' Flush consists of two separate reservoirs. One holds water for the fish and the other supplies the toilet. While the reservoir that supplies the toilet is much smaller, it uses less water to flush.

Janet Bradley Mar 11, 2015

Ooh that's different - I confess I am not keen!! Goldfish watching me using the loo is not high on things I wish to experience! :-)

Amy Hunter Mar 11, 2015

Ha ha! Brilliant but I agree Aster1x - good novelty factor but not in my own house....

Louis Allen Mar 12, 2015

lol It would be a bit strange i must admit

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Gina LoBuglio Mar 12, 2015

Hi Louis, wow! I have never seen one of those before! For my part, I'd probably struggle with the idea of cleaning two separate parts of a toilet. I must say that I've never been a big fan of cleaning out the fish tank despite never having anything more exotic than a goldfish.

Andrew O'Connor Mar 12, 2015

wow looks cool!

Hannah Smith Mar 12, 2015

I love the idea! But as a woman I wouldn't get to see the fish while sitting down! 

Andrew O'Connor Mar 12, 2015

haha that's true!

George Richardson Mar 13, 2015

What a good way to involve and teach the Kiddiwinkies.

George Richardson Mar 13, 2015

To see the fish that are behind you Smeeth99. A strategically placed mirror might help.