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Flushable wet wipes

Janet Bradley
Janet Bradley | Mar 9, 2015 | in Out of Sight Out of Mind

Just reading an article on fat bergs it says it costs thousands to remove them, but also, I found another comment interesting.

He added: 'We find objects down the sewers every day that should not be there. Planks of wood, plastic bottles, and the bane of our lives – wet wipes. They may say flushable on the packet but they don't break down inside the sewer. 

so flushable wet wipes are the bane of their lives, causing huge amounts of damage to those who work for the sewers. I don't use them, but I know many mothers who do. What is your opinion? Should those who sell such wipes be forced to remove the words flushable, and be told packaging should state that these should be binned not flushed.

on another note, how do you get planks down sewers?

Louis Allen Mar 9, 2015

On some packaging it does state do not put down the toilet, but others do not.  I think how pieces of wood or metal are maybe dumped down manholes which then gets pushed into our sewer system

anita lewis Mar 9, 2015

Hi aster1x I was saying in another post how these things blocked my toilet when my son was using them.when the plumber told me I was very cross I had been misled as it said flushable on the packet and picture and I never flush normal wet wipes.

Janet Bradley Mar 10, 2015

Yes, read your other comment. It made me wonder how you felt about the conpany who made the wipes? Do you still trust them?

katie@100open.com Mar 11, 2015

 there's a drain cover in my garden, if I really wanted to and I was a total moron, I spose I could lift the cover and get a plank in. Gives a whole new meaning to poo sticks.

The thing about planks and other bits of building materials, is that the council don't take these away, so lazy good for nothing cowboy builders leave them on street corners and dump them and generally misbehave, which I guess includes shoving stuff down drains. Maybe councils should offer a cheap phone and collect service for lazy builders and people without cars.

wet wipes issue is interesting - I think people don't flush nappies do they? most people know to bin them. so why not wrap up the wet wipe with the nappy? Or is it the wet wipes that kids use instead of toilet paper we are talking about here?  Why do kids need special wet wipes, I seem to have survived into adulthood using only loo paper. Seems to me wet wipes is a money making solution for something that isn't actually a problem.

Janet Bradley Mar 11, 2015

Yes, only a moron would put a plank down a sewer. But it costs money for businesses and tradesmen to get rid of waste, which is why some unsavoury characters fly tip. Our local recycling place is free for households, but costs for businesses.

my cousin's daughter spends hours on the toilet wiping her bum, fastidious in wanting her bum clean, parents not given in to wet wipes, but maybe this is an issue with other children? I don,t know.

companies are always looking of ways to create a market, be a market leader in it, and earn lots of money. They want us to think we need rather than want things so that we buy them, even if it means they force us into thinking their is a need through adverts.