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I think we should fine people who put  odds things down the loo!,  Am I correct in thinking that all in the water in greater London is recycled? Not sure how we could implement this new fine system, but it would certainly stop all those cotton buds , sanitary protection etc etc going down our toilets!!

Louis Allen Mar 8, 2015

Perhaps maybe some sort of filtration system where the junk gets filtered out.

Gina LoBuglio Mar 8, 2015

Hi Judith, I have no idea how this would be enforced but it is an interesting idea! I know that my local council fines for fly tipping but apart from CCTV, I think the only way they can catch people is by physically looking through rubbish bags for clues.

I just had a quick look at the Thames Water website (as I live in London and they supply my water) and found this handy page about the water cycle.


George Richardson Mar 8, 2015

N0thing there about re-cycling but a lot of Londons water is. I do not think any system on earth or pumps have been made todo the work for some of the things dumped in them,and any filtration system you tried would be constantly blocked and unworkable. The largest pipr or 6ft. tunnels can get blocked with mountains of fat, Causing huge disruption and massive costs and damage to the system.

George Richardson Mar 8, 2015

Gina, looking through rubbish bags would only show what you have not flushed away. The only sure fire way would be C.C.T.V.,but fortunately we have not reached that orwellian State of Big Brother IS Watching  You. even though we are well passed 1984.

Gina LoBuglio Mar 9, 2015

Hi George, my comment talked about fly-tipping, CCTV and how councils are able to trace back who dumped rubbish illegally - this obviously doesn't apply to what goes down the sewer.

George Richardson Mar 8, 2015

S, i can not think of any way round this one.orry Judith Sherlock

anita lewis Mar 9, 2015

I agree with you judith.if people cause a blockage due to putting the wrong things down the toilet they should be fined.it causes a problem for everyone.i remember a program where workers had to go round unblocking peoples drains often because they tried to flush nappies!

Janet Bradley Mar 9, 2015

when in I lived in London we did have a blockage in our road and the water had to be turned off for a day while it was sorted. Turned out it was nappies.... All eyes weren't on the one family in the road which had children of nappy age!!! Still couldn't prove anything, but if it was them, should have been fined for all the work and inconvenience caused.

Louis Allen Mar 9, 2015

that sounds quite a costly issue to resolve

Judith Sherlock Mar 9, 2015

Besides nappies we now have facial tissues which we use to take make up off, these can cause blockages. Did you see on TV last week that certain facial cleaners contain substances (can't remember the name) which can cause blockages. The cleanser because globulous! One one side we are making our skin lovely but on the other.........

Janet Bradley Mar 9, 2015

didn't see that, very interesting. A company who makes facial cleansers will think of their own profits and not necessarily the impact on water, etc. There should be collective responsibility.

Louis Allen Mar 9, 2015

people should be fined or cautioned dur to incorrect usage, might make people think more cautiously

Chloe Booker Mar 9, 2015

Aster1x you have pointed something very interesting out here....collective responsibility! Maybe worth a separate post?! What do you think the obstacles are to people thinking in a more responsible way. How do we engender different attitudes for the greater public good? 

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Janet Bradley Mar 9, 2015

Ok will do!

Judith Sherlock Mar 9, 2015

I agree we should all take responsibility as Chloe B said. Business have so much to answer for! 

Louis Allen Mar 9, 2015

It should all start at a fairly young age, alot of chindren are starting to learn more about the planet and saving resources now

Andrew O'Connor Mar 10, 2015

i came up with this idea in another section here. it is good way to stop people from doing it.