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George Richardson
George Richardson | Mar 8, 2015 | in Water Aware

People often say,why bother,every body wastes water. of course ,as this site shows that is not true,and every little helps.If the60plus million in Britain saved one cup a day only ,the amount would be staggering.------Every marathon starts with a single stride.

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Janet Bradley Mar 8, 2015

Very true. It's like if we all walk a bit further we would save fuel.

Andrew O'Connor Mar 8, 2015

exactly, every little helps. 

Louis Allen Mar 8, 2015

that would be a huge saving of water if eveyone did just a little

Louis Allen Mar 8, 2015

There are numerous methods and ways to save

katie@100open.com Mar 9, 2015

Ah - very good point George! Do we all think it would be encouraging to have the stats on how much water we'd save (probably and energy and therefore money (which would get ploughed back into efficient water infastructure)  to process it) if all went for 1 bucket less each week? That would encourage me and be a managable starting target.


Janet Bradley Mar 9, 2015

If anything we are asked to do seems unlikely that we will achieve we would lose heart and not continue, it always has to be a small enough stepping stone to be achievable 

Andrew O'Connor Mar 9, 2015

yes we people need to hear the benefits, otherwise they might not have thought about it too much before or even know there were any. i think 1 bucket is a good starting point. 

Louis Allen Mar 13, 2015

we should all have a sponsored day to save water

Janet Bradley Mar 13, 2015

Mm, sponsoring for charity great thought. We could look for a day to save water, get sponsored, give money to charity, everyone wins. Particularly good as a school project.

Andrew O'Connor Mar 13, 2015

good idea i like it!

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katie@100open.com Mar 13, 2015

Hi George, this one's moving too, to the Water Aware challenge.  If it's not too taxing, could I suggest a change of title for it?   One Cup Each.  (really it's about lots of small savings adding up to a lot of saving.)  You can edit your post, look just above the top of your post where it says edit.

katie@100open.com Mar 15, 2015

Thanks for changing the title George.

George Richardson Mar 15, 2015

My pleasure KatieW.