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John Bristow
John Bristow | Mar 6, 2015 | in How Much is a Lot?

Having a water meter that informs you how many litres you have used.

Chloe Booker Mar 7, 2015

Check this post out anfieldace: https://watertalkers.crowdicity.com/category/view#/post/89527


Louis Allen Mar 7, 2015

sounds like a great idea

Andrew O'Connor Mar 8, 2015

i think this should fitted to all houses so they are aware of all much they are using

Judith Sherlock Mar 8, 2015

I have a water meter and it does make you think more about how much water you use, and the bills have been reduced!

Gina LoBuglio Mar 8, 2015

Hi Judith, I'm just wondering if your bills were higher before you had a meter because the water company just charges a flat rate for the year and now you are only paying for what you use?

I'm asking because my downstairs neighbour had a water meter installed in her flat and has cut her bills dramatically. This might be because she is only one person living in her flat and was being the charged the same as me (two people in my flat). It does seem strange to me that the family next door, who has three children, me in my flat with one child, and the woman downstairs who lives alone, all pay the same amount for their water. 

Everyone in San Francisco (where I am from) pays for the water that they use - it's how I grew up. And I remember thinking how odd it was that I could use as much as I liked when I moved to London. It didn't make for much of an incentive to save water - except that it's been ingrained in me since childhood!

Judith Sherlock Mar 8, 2015

Hi Gina

We have reduced the amount of people living in the house, so it is difficult to judge exactly Gina. I have just asked my husband and he has added that we have had a reduction in the water bills. We now have 3 people living hre instead of 4

I just think everyone should be on a meter. Am I correct in thinking all new houses have to have a water meter?

Gina LoBuglio Mar 8, 2015

Hmmm, I don't know about new houses having a water meter fitted - something I'll have to investigate further!


Louis Allen Mar 10, 2015

they should have yes still never seen one though

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Louis Allen Mar 8, 2015

So do people get charges per litre or per day?

Gina LoBuglio Mar 8, 2015

Hi Louis, I don't have a water meter so I'm not sure - perhaps judith Sherlock who has a water meter can tell us.

As for me, you've prompted me to check what I am being charged for as I have just received my bill for the coming year from Thames Water. The bill is broken down into two sections - one for Fresh water supply and the other for Wastewater services. It says that the chargeable value for my fresh water supply was originally assessed by the Valuation Office (on behalf of Inland Revenue) and factors include size of my home, number of rooms and where we live. 

George Richardson Mar 8, 2015

Hi Gina , i did put on anearlier post. Meter you pay for what you use. No meter you pay depending on which council tax band you are on. If you live in London fight any attempts by your council if they propose rebanding. That will only mean higher bills as property prices have soared.The Wastewater serices are surface water[drains] and sewage. Hope that helps.

George Richardson Mar 8, 2015

lda.on a meter they send a yearly statement and make an assessment of usage.I paymonthly D.D. Without a meter your charged on your Council Tax band, regardless of what you use,as they do not know. Asi said in an earlier post because i live alone it saved me hundreds literally.

Louis Allen Mar 10, 2015

thats good it saved you money george especailly with rising costs everywhere

George Richardson Mar 8, 2015

I Think you will find all new homes come with merers in situ.

Judith Sherlock Mar 9, 2015

Regarding the price with water meters it is calculated in cubic metres.

Louis Allen Mar 10, 2015

Isnt it by an hourly rate