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Inez Remon
Inez Remon | Mar 6, 2015 | in Think Water

We can save a lot of water by the council introducing cheaper water butts for people to buy.  We seem to be getting a hefty amount of rain during the winter spells and could save a vast amount in water butts ready for summer.


Louis Allen Mar 6, 2015

they are a great idea to conserve free water, and if recyled can save lots of money

George Richardson Mar 6, 2015

Unfortunately with squeezed Council budgets that is never going to happen,i am afraid water butts mean dipping into your pocket or purse.They are  brilliant for saving water when it is not needed,and there for when it is.

Janet Bradley Mar 6, 2015

I thought that some councils still did subsidise water butts - they sometimes have struck deals with suppliers to provide them at reduced cost. I am not certain if it might not vary from council to council.

Andrew O'Connor Mar 7, 2015

good idea to save water!

Louis Allen Mar 8, 2015

very true

Janet Bradley Mar 12, 2015

This was a funny video - DIY water butts!

He's got a messy way of doing it, but some ideas that can be used.


Andrew O'Connor Mar 13, 2015

oh dear haha!

George Richardson Mar 13, 2015

In Wilkinsons today ,had some superb water butts for £20 about twice the capacity of the Blue  ex Chemical   containers shown in that rather clever Video,and of course have never contained substances which need an awful lot of water to decontaminate them in the first place.Specially made for the garden. I must say the video seemed to contain a lot of ramshackel sheds or lean to's.