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Louis Allen
Louis Allen | Mar 6, 2015 | in How Much is a Lot?

I think water companies should somehow introduce a water meter for their customers, would be a great idea like an electric meter to use see how much you are using and what casts are involved!

Louis Allen Mar 6, 2015

Also using this idea you could calculate and cut some usage down

Chloe Booker Mar 6, 2015

What do you think you would like to see on the meter? Would it be about ££ or do you think there could be another way of measuring your consumption?

Louis Allen Mar 6, 2015

It would be god to have litree used, also cost per day etc

George Richardson Mar 6, 2015

I think all water companies supply free water meters on request. Shows litres ued. i guess one way to visualie it,think of a two litre bottle of coke,divide your usage by two,and that is how many bottles you have used.

George Richardson Mar 6, 2015

P.S. if you then divide your bill by the number of bottles it will give you the price per two litres.

Louis Allen Mar 6, 2015

oooh sounds great george may to have to get one