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Rain showers for all for a week!

Louis Allen
Louis Allen | Mar 2, 2015 | in Water Appreciation Society

Would it not be a great idea for a charity type sponser for people in the world for just one week to converge together at different places in the world and have a rain shower outside to save money on water waste? The profits then could go to charities like water aid.

George Richardson Mar 2, 2015

Best of luck with that one Louis, i do not even know how you could even start the logistics for that idea.

Louis Allen Mar 2, 2015

it would be a tricky one, maybe starting with help from a charity for organisation ideas.

katie@100open.com Mar 2, 2015

Like it, as long as it's somewhere warm .  Most people having a shower together record is (GOOGLING) only 152 people   http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/9197440...t_group_shower/     apparently

Louis Allen Mar 3, 2015

really KatieW its a great place to start at the beaches, that is wuite a few people thanks for the link