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I really enjoy having my baths and showers, if I had to cut down on water I would really miss having these. I do love using water!

George Richardson Mar 2, 2015

We all love using water,but must use our resources sensibly and not squander just because we can.Nothing is for free in our modern world,and one persons gain tends to be another persons loss.Pumping water to where it is required is a costly use of resources like electricity etc.Do continue to enioy your facilities Hammy,but perhaps with a little more care.

katie@100open.com Mar 2, 2015

Hi Hammyham - love that username - you need an image to go with that (I'm hoping for a Hamster, but up to you of course).

What would be excellent is if we could all between us get to the crux of why human beings seem to like standing in a hot shower all day given half a chance? 

Have a think and post your response as a comment.

Mary O'Connor Mar 3, 2015

I will find a picture of a hamster

Mary O'Connor Mar 3, 2015

I think people like standing in the shower when it is cold, you can be warm and clean! A cool shower is refreshing in the summer.

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Louis Allen Mar 2, 2015

it is difficult not to enojy nice baths and showers but rain can cleanse the body very much cheaper and saves on waste

Mary O'Connor Mar 3, 2015

Maybe there is a money making idea in that! Set up open topped shower cubicles :-)

George Richardson Mar 3, 2015

Lovely idea louis but where are we all going to take these rain showers,and it certainly would be chilly this time of year.

Louis Allen Mar 3, 2015

mmm good question george, maybe only in the summer