Water Talkers

We are all water

scientists say we are 70% water. I think some of us maybe even more than that. lol :-)

But seriously, either way, if you don't love water, you don't love people (or at most 30% of them), and theres got to be something wrong with that. 

What do you think?

George Richardson Feb 28, 2015

"They" say cucumber is 90% water.and you either love it or not. I think people see other people the same way.

katie@100open.com Feb 28, 2015

Hi WaterWaterEverywhere  (may I call you WWE?)  excellent point - is it two litres of water (or in my case water +tea+milk) a day we need to keep going?  To have that on tap is worth appreciating, carrying it from somewhere else would be heavy work, just for life's necessity, never mind washing and whatnot.

WWE - can I ask you to upload a profile image please, and an image for this post if you have time, I'm trying to get everyone to set a good example to all new joiners this weekend, thanks very much if you can.

Janet Bradley Mar 2, 2015

excellent point! :-)

Louis Allen Mar 2, 2015

thats great did not realise we are so fall of water