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dont divert

john herron
john herron | Feb 28, 2015 | in Water Appreciation Society

dont hold water back as it finds its way back around

Amy Hunter Feb 28, 2015

Don't understand?

George Richardson Feb 28, 2015

Nature is constantly moving the course of rivers, many of these divergences or meanders or ox-bows are to make sure the water gets to the sea,and not flood all the land.Many floods now are mans creations.

john herron Feb 28, 2015

some rivers have dried up due to water being diverted. the reason why we have floods is because we strip the countryside of its trees and build quick water runoffs and thats what causes flash floods??

katie@100open.com Feb 28, 2015

Hi John, I think flash floods can also be caused after dry spells and the rain meets hardened earth and all runs off instead of soaking in, so natural as well.   John, this post is a little bit away from the challenge topic of 'Water Appreciation'. It would be great to have a post from you about what you most appreciate water for.

George Richardson Mar 2, 2015

Sensible comment again KatieW,but there is also the massive concreting over over huge numbers of gardens to supply parking spaces for terraced houses ,town houses whatever you want to call them.This too causes flash flooding.