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Water, Blessed Water! (agua abençoada agua)

saves both water and not govemantau more for people like us
who always suffer for it, we are so many things we can do to save water ,
stop leaves the faucet turned on , do not say that because you do
not fais do, for half an hour is below the shower you with this
stick is for saving time, we respect nature , we respect ourselves.

(terrible translation - sorry - Google translate, original in Portuguese)

economisa agua nao e govemantau mais para pessoas como nois
quem sempre sofre por isto ,somos nois tantas coisas podemos
fazer para economizar agua , pare de deixa a torneira ligada ,
nao diga que voce nao fais porque faz, para de fica meia hora de
baixo do chuveiro voce esta com grude  para fica meiao hora
vamos respeita a natureza , vamos nois respeitar 

edited on Feb 27, 2015 by katie@100open.com

katie@100open.com Feb 27, 2015

Hi Deise, Thanks and welcome to Water Talkers!  The Next Time you see your post - I will have translated it from Portugese into English (not me, Google - I can't speak Portuguese). I think as a general rule this is a UK Project, so English only please everyone.

Thanks very for having such a great profile image and an great Post image too - fabulous - in fact (google...)  fabuloso!

deise de jesus Feb 28, 2015

ok my dear I do this

katie@100open.com Feb 28, 2015

Thank you, looking forward to reading more from you soon.

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David Simoes-Brown Feb 27, 2015

Muito obrigado Deise14837 pelas otimas ideas para economizar agua!

deise de jesus Feb 28, 2015

required will always put my point of view, as has no better thing than water

George Richardson Mar 2, 2015

MANY GOOD IDEAS. Ithink in England we are very lucky with our climate and are rarely short of water,so people tend not to value it as they should.I will guarantee however that the more wasteful people are,come a shortage they will panic the most,and shout the loudest for their water company or council to HELP THEM.

Louis Allen Mar 2, 2015

Totally agree george many people do not realise how precious water can be be, to some peaople it is like gold dust