Water Talkers

Prizes and Rules

The platform will be open for 6 weeks. During this time there will be plenty of prizes awarded for the level of participation, the most interesting and original ideas and for those who make the most valuable contributions. Those who are constantly active through the life of the community will also be rewarded. This will be judged by a panel of water operator representatives and will be announced in the weekly roundup every Friday.

Prize details:

  • £5 through to £50 Amazon or iTunes vouchers. Check the individual challenges for details! 
  • Showerhead
  • Showersave
  • Tap inserts
  • Kitchen swivel tap
  • Showertimer 
  • Splash trumps

Community Rules:  https://watertalkers.crowdicity.com/hubbub/communityrules

Q. What’s the aim of the community?
A. To get fresh insight into public perceptions on water, to help water companies to encourage more positive behaviours towards water for the greater public good.

Q. How does it work?
A. The community is a crowd of hundreds of people who are encouraged to make suggestions, collaborate, publish ideas, have discussions and give feedback on the topics related to water. There will be various activities posted over the coming weeks for you to respond to. We will email you to let you know what is coming next!

Q. How long will it last? 
A. 6 weeks - until early April

Q. Do I have to participate?
A. No - but we hope you will find it fun and rewarding!

Q. What if I have a question or a complaint?
A. Please email Gina, your community manager at gina@100open.com

Q. Who is behind it? 
A. It is being run by 100%Open, a London based open innovation agency on behalf of UKWIR - UK Water Industry Research

Q. When will I get my rewards? 
A. If you are a winner, we will get in contact with you to organise delivery. You will receive your award within 2 weeks.

Q. Do I have to fill in my real name and picture in the profile? 
A. Not necessarily. You can have a community alias if you like!

Q. Who owns the ideas I put up here? 
A. As the ideas are in an open community, anyone is free to use them or build on them and you are free to use or build on the ideas of others. If you upload photos or other content, please make sure you have the right to do so.

Q. Are my comments and ideas open to the general public?
A. Yes, this is a public forum.

Q. Can I invite my friends/ family to join in too?
A. Yes, please do!

Q. Should I experiment putting stuff down my sink/loo for this project?
A. NO! Absolutely not!