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Getting Through The Idea Barrier!

Posted by katie@100open.com (Admin) Mar 23, 2015

We are a little over half way through our ideas phase here in Water Talkers. It is now time to start voting and developing these ideas…so that we can make them as specific, tangible and imaginative as possible!

To help get your creative juices flowing, here is a little exercise that you can try:

Take a pencil, and place it before you. Have a look at it and then write a list of everything it could possibly be, at any scale. Your list may go something like this: Pen, tree trunk, caber, telegraph pole, arrow... You’ll get to a point where you think - yep, that's about it, got to go make dinner now.....but hang on, please, give it more time, don't stop til you've added 15 more things. This also works with a tennis ball, a match box….anything simple.

Forcing your brain to be creative does good things to it! You might find yourself thinking in words or images. The longer you give it - the more creative your ideas will be. Don’t edit yourself either. However daft, just write it down.

Now we are working on these ideas we have together, force yourself through that idea barrier and don’t be shy to add any builds to idea posts. Even if your build is a bit odd, it may spark off something brilliant in someone else.

See you around in Water Talkers.

Image: What's the Point by Neville Nel on Flickr

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Comments (14)

Louis Allen says... Mar 23, 2015

tap water, sewer pipe, river, oceon, reservoir, puddle, bath, sink, plughole, water butt, hosepipes, sprinklers,

katie@100open.com says... Mar 24, 2015

You saw all that looking at a pencil?! You've been spending far too much time in Water Talkers....:-)

Louis Allen says... Mar 24, 2015

lol KatieW think i have spent too much time on here, my partner keeps telling me off 

George Richardson says... Mar 24, 2015

So tomorrow is idea break through time,oh master.Have a thought for the old and frail among us,Ha Ha! O.K/ so tomorrow i will give some time relaxedly looking at a pencil and start with the obvious and then let my mind drift as associated thoughts  drift in through and out leaving new visions in there place.logging them as i go.   I Theeenk Senorita.

George Richardson says... Mar 24, 2015

A bit late in the day to be staring at pencils but hear goes.                                                                              Wood-plank-timber-lumber-trunk-tree-saplin-grove- wood-.forest.------------------Graphite-black-lustrous-carbon-hb-hp.-----------------Paint -colour-oil-water-pigment-liquid -paste-spray-covering-protective-coating.          

Louis Allen says... Mar 26, 2015

Well done george

Andrew O'Connor says... Mar 25, 2015

pencil, creative, imagination, schools, drawing, smudge, tree, variety, amazon and so on lol

Louis Allen says... Mar 26, 2015


katie@100open.com says... Mar 25, 2015

Thanks for giving it a go!

Tim Compton says... Mar 25, 2015

I love this blog! Creative thinking is great fun although it can be difficult :) I have never heard of this technique but I will give it a try, thanks Katie! :D I just tried it at my desk looking at a coffee cup... I got to heaven / an alternative dimension and decided to stop there.

Janet Bradley says... Mar 25, 2015

wohoo, I managed to create a loop on my idea stream, didn't do that on purpose, but that is how my mind worked!

I looked at a cheque on my desk...

money, finance, pension, work, time, watch, leather, cow, field, grass, green, golf, walk, feet, massage, holiday, money...

Louis Allen says... Mar 26, 2015

Very well done aster 1x like the loophole thinking

Janet Bradley says... Mar 26, 2015

surprised myself even!! :-) looking at my list I think I'm a bit of an "out of the box" thinker!

Jim Samme says... Apr 1, 2015

Pencil, wood, lead, pipe, aquaduct, romans, hypercourse, heating, cooling, transporting, shipping, trade, commerce, inventions, science, books, writing,  pencils....

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