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Newsletter 20th March - Prize Winners and an Update

Posted by Gina LoBuglio (Admin) Mar 20, 2015

Hello fellow Water Talkers!

Thanks so much for another great week online, featuring our established crowd and some excellent newcomers, creating 106 new ideas discussed with 1263 comments. What's exciting is that we are gradually moving away from excellently logical ideas in our three challenges and towards the novel, the interesting and the left of field.

But before we can take these ideas forward, we want them to be as great as they can be. Which means that we are going to use the coming week to prioritise and develop your fantastic contributions. Here's where you can take an idea for a walk and come up with builds that really make them sing; do not be afraid to be weird and wonderful.

We need to know how you feel about them and what your favourite ideas are so far. If you were the water companies, which would you choose?

So... we are going to change it up a bit. We are going to give you an Ideas Amnesty for this weekend only and it will be your final opportunity to contribute new ideas for consideration. From Monday, you won't be able to post any new ideas but you will be able to COMMENT and VOTE on the exisiting ideas. To really get you into the voting spirit, you'll even be able to vote on the comments! You can now also vote DOWN as well as UP! A down vote is just as useful a barometer of feeling as an up one so please use both. We'll be upping the amount of points you get not only when you vote, but when someone votes for you, too.

As before, we will be zeroing points to level the playing field again and we'd now like to set a goal of 20 votes each. In return, you'll get a prize and a badge. We really want you to have your say and the votes will help us to narrow down the top 3 ideas per challenge. So let's get voting!

And without further ado, onto this week's prize winners!

We'll be sending each winner of the top 2 voted ideas per challenge a £20 Amazon voucher! As of the writing of this, you are:

Water Aware: Water Aware Day posted by Kat32 and TV Sponsorship posted by aster1x 

Meaningful Measures: catch a shower posted by snowdrop36 and Online account posted by aoc27

Loo Litter: If it's not a 1 or 2 don't flush it down the loo posted by Kat32 and Tampons posted by aster1x

We'd also like to recognise louisdavidallen by giving him our "A for Effort" prize! Louis has been a consistent participant throughout and we especially love that he posts a photo with every single idea. Nice work! And also George Richardson for his "Proactive Posting". He has commented and posted consistently during the platform so far.... Both of you will be receiving £15 Amazon vouchers for your efforts!

That's it from us this week - now get your fingers on your mouses and exercise your right to vote!

Gina, Katie & Chloë

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Comments (14)

Louis Allen says... Mar 20, 2015

thank you so much it is a pleasure to be on the site and give my thought x

Louis Allen says... Mar 20, 2015

I am going to dearly miss all of this water talking

Gina LoBuglio says... Mar 25, 2015

Hi Louis, I think we're all going to miss Water Talkers when it finishes! :-)

Kathryn Leaning says... Mar 20, 2015

Thank you so much.  Although I have only been a member for a short time I have really enjoyed it.


Gina LoBuglio says... Mar 25, 2015

Very pleased that you've enjoyed taking part, Kat - you've been a great addition to the crew!

mark burns says... Mar 21, 2015

keep up the good work

Gina LoBuglio says... Mar 25, 2015

I'm really happy to see that you're still around, burttt - please do keep voting and commenting as we're keeping an eye on all of it!

Janet Bradley says... Mar 24, 2015

Thank you for this.... I have really enjoyed being part of this community.

Gina LoBuglio says... Mar 25, 2015

You're very welcome, aster1x! We've loved having you as part of the Water Talkers community and appreciate all of your contributions so far.

George Richardson says... Mar 29, 2015

It has been and continues to be an exciting experiment in public participation and harnessing so many brains on one topic   [Sorry we have strayed at times ].I have in a long life been involved in and in some small ways been able to change many things fot the good of many. I believe you guys with our mass help will also be able to do that,and on all our behalves i wish you well in your endevours. George. P.S. Looking forward to the next two weeks if i can stand the intensity,Many thanks for the pleasure enjoyed.

Louis Allen says... Mar 30, 2015

I wish you all very well and one hopefully could meet up for a nice meal (Paid by water company he he he)


George Richardson says... Mar 30, 2015

Now that would be a joy to behold.

George Richardson says... Mar 30, 2015

Is  your organisation likely to be bringing forward any other forums on any different subjects,so avoiding withdrawal symptoms.

George Richardson says... Mar 30, 2015

Above post meant for you and your team.

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