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Newsletter 13th March - Prize Winners and New Challenges

Posted by Gina LoBuglio (Admin) Mar 13, 2015

Greetings fellow Water Talkers!

If you haven't dipped into Water Talkers for a week, you'll be amazed how chatty and productive it has been. In the three challenges on offer since last Friday we made 118 idea posts, and there were an incredible 1762 comments. Scorching!

Please pop in and join the next challenges. The points will all be reset today, and so it will once again be a level playing field. We'd like as many of you as possible to join in to create ideas for UK Water Industry Research.

This is where you can really get creative and imaginative and go all blue sky on us! The challenges are all about ideas to solve issues and we think this will be more enjoyable still than last week. The challenges you will recognise, you've been warming up for them for a week! Some of you have already had, or sparked off, ideas - if that's the case, then please post them up in the new challenges to get us off to a flying start.

Water Aware - ideas please for how to make water saving more fun, and to persuade people who don't currently save water, reasons that they should.

Meaningful Measures - what new ways could we talk about measuring water consumption in these different activities? How could we more meaningfully measure all the different ways that we use water?

Loo Litter - How do we stop people putting things other than pee, paper and poo down their loos?

Prizes this week to: 

£15 Amazon vouchers each for The Leaderboard Top 3 (as of writing this email) Louisdavidallenaoc27 and aster1x. Well done! £15 also goes to the Top Voted Ideas in the three Challenges. That's Bambi and anfieldace sharing the prize in Think Water, Smeachen in How Much Is A Lot, and Iceglitter in Out of Sight Out of Mind. 'Newcomer' of the week goes to Bizzie1956, and we have two prizes we've called 'Say It Like It Is' this week which go to Judith Sherlock for Condoms and Anfieldace for his honest posts and comments!

Next week's Prizes will be along the same lines and we will also have some water efficiency gizmos from Thames Water to send to you! 

Righto, that's it from us for the moment - enjoy unleashing all your outlandish, bonkers, wild or jolly sensible ideas on us, and see you around in Water Talkers,

Gina, Katie & Chloë

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Comments (2)

Janet Bradley says... Mar 13, 2015

awww, thank you!

Louis Allen says... Mar 13, 2015

brilliant thank you

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