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Newsletter 6th March - Prize Winners and New Challenges

Posted by Gina LoBuglio (Admin) Mar 6, 2015

Greetings fellow Water Talkers,
What a fantastic starting week it's been for our watery community - our Water Appreciation challenge has had 76 ideas and a massive 547 comments from you. Thank you so much for plunging in! In this newsletter we will reveal the first 10 prize winners and introduce the 3 new challenges. This means that the current challenge is now finished and although it will technically be archived, we will leave it up for everyone to see. 
So, onto the prizes! The winning format this week goes like this, for each challenge the prizes will be awarded to: 3 x top leaderboard, 3 x most interesting posts, 2 x most supportive community members and 2 x top voted ideas.
Do Not Be Alarmed!  We are going to record and reset the points for everyone after each challenge phase has ended - so your points will disappear now that the new challenges have gone up and you all have a level playing field again. You'll also notice that points aren't everything, quality over quantity is important, as is voting - please use your vote, the voting button is just beside and to the left of the top of any idea. Prize winners are decided by the moderating team, and the project team from 100%Open and UK Water Industry Research.
So, without further ado...
The winners today are:
3 x top leaderboard
George Richardson, M.B.E.
3 x most interesting posts
2 x most supportive community members
2 x top voted ideas
.....who will all get £10 of Amazon Vouchers. Well done! Prize amounts will increase during the project, with the top overall prizes worth £150, and there are also water saving Gizmos and a fab hand pump water sprayer (Thank you Affinity Water!) up for grabs. 
And now....New Challenges!
Prepare your minds everyone, these challenges should stretch you into important research territory. Have a think, be honest and let's really get to the bottom of some of these issues. There is more information and criteria available on Water Talkers but in droplet form here are the new challenges, open now, for a week. 
Challenge Title: Think Water
We'd like you to tell us why people don't think about saving water, and how you think they could be persuaded to.
Challenge Title: How much is lot?
How do you judge how much water you use? We’d like to know how you measure the water that you use every day. Do you visualise it, time it, measure it by ££ or litres? Or do you even measure it at all?
Challenge Title: Out of sight, out of mind.
What do people put down their toilets other than pee, paper and poo, and more importantly, why do they put other stuff down there?
I can hear your brains whirring already!
Wishing you a great weekend, see you soon in Water Talkers,

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Comments (7)

Hannah Smith says... Mar 6, 2015

Thank you.. how will winners receive the voucher please? Thank you! 

Looking forward to the new challenges.

Gina LoBuglio says... Mar 6, 2015

Hi smeeth99, you will receive them via email and I'll be using the email address that you registered with. If, for whatever reason, you want to use a different email address, please do message me privately on gina@100open.com.

Looking forward to hearing more from you over the coming weeks!

Louis Allen says... Mar 8, 2015

great site thank you

Hannah Smith says... Mar 7, 2015

Thanks Gina, I've had my eye on some things for a while so looking forward to treating myself ;) 

Andrew O'Connor says... Mar 8, 2015

woho thanks Gina :) 

Louis Allen says... Mar 8, 2015

Great thanks Gina very happy

Mel Stanford says... Mar 9, 2015

thankyou x

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