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Thank you Water Talkers!!

Posted by Chloe Booker (Admin) Apr 13, 2015

Dear Water Talkers!

Thank you so much for your contribution to the Water Talkers community. It has been a very friendly, informative and enjoyable place to be over the past 6 weeks....and the perspectives you have shared are incredibly useful for the water companies. Lots of reviewing and analysing lies ahead! Here are some specific thanks from the project sponsor, Steve Whipp, who is project manager at UKWIR. 

I'd like to thank all the Water Talkers community for your enthusiasm and input to the site and the discussion around the topics. The whole idea for the project was to gather views from customers and to get your perspective and ideas around the topics. The water industry historically took the approach of just getting on with the job of delivering safe water and taking away sewage to make it safe. Nowadays customers are much more involved with the industry and for example the five year investment programmes are hugely influenced by the agenda that customers set in terms of priorities and willingness to pay for improvements to service. Water is a critical resource as many of you have recognised and the water companies recognise that a key to achieving sustainability for the future lies in working with customers; just as we have been doing. 

The basis for the project was to see whether new novel ideas could be created by listening to customers in this new way, taking advantage of open innovation. I think the results are "about-in" as they say in election speak and I can see some very interesting ideas that the water companies will be able to take forward. We will hold a meeting to disseminate the findings to the water companies all of which are UK Water Industry Research subscribers. 

So thanks again for your input each and every one of you. Your voice has been heard and will inform the companies as they set about addressing the issues we've covered. There may be future consultation on other topics and if this was the case we'd love to involve you again. 

Facilitation has been carried out with a lot of work "back-stage" so thanks to all at 100%Open who have made this all work so seamlessly. 

Whether you were a prize winner or not please be assured that we will be acting on the ideas and you may well see evidence in the way water companies work in the future. Watch out for bath stickers and the like. 

Please also accept my thanks and assurance that your input is valued and you have helped. 

Steve Whipp UKWIR Project Manager

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George Richardson says... Apr 13, 2015

Thank you for six pleasurable weeks and the whole thinking and learning program involved .If in some small way the National Water system improves in any way at all from this forum,then it will not only have been a pleasure but also a privilege to have been a part of it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Yours George.                                                                              

Mary O'Connor says... Apr 13, 2015

Thank you very much for this community. I have learned a lot and I thank you for the rewards along the way too. It has been good communicating with people about water issues. Goodbye everyone :-)

Louis Allen says... Apr 13, 2015

Thank you very much also it has been fatanstic and there was some super ideas and learning along the wa, will be greatly missed, Kindest Regards.

Janet Bradley says... Apr 13, 2015

Thank you... have loved being part of this site... only today was telling my mum about some of the things I have learned... thank you.

Eirlys Evans says... Apr 14, 2015


Thank you for allowing us to discuss  such an important subject. I enjoyed interacting with the other members and was amazed at the way that we inspired each other to try to find innovative  ways to raise water awareness.  I would love to participate  in other forums and would be delighted if my fellow forum members joined in as well. Good bye for now.

Eirlys Evans says... Apr 14, 2015


Just to say  thank you for my voucher that has just  arrived. Congratulations to astr1x and George  Richardson M.B.E  for being the tops. It has been fun sharing ideas for the last 6 weeks or so.

George Richardson says... Apr 14, 2015

Thank you snowdrop,it has been a pleasure to talk to you.Hopefully we will meet again on the next forum the team put together. Till then good health be with you.

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Eirlys Evans says... Apr 15, 2015

Thanks George

It was great to use the little grey cells!   I was sorry to miss a lot of the interaction during the last week. I have Meniers disease which causes vertigo and last week it was very bad, so couldn't go on the net much.  I was pleased that astr1x won the main prize and that you got the other one. We didn't participate for rewards, but it was nice to think that our opinions were valued.  I will really miss the forums and all my fellow contributors.   We did stray off the subject at times ( mainly due to my grasshopper mind) but we did have some good ideas.

Look forward to interacting with you all soon.


Janet Bradley says... Apr 16, 2015

Ah, that is sweet of you... I actually found exercising the little grey cells was why I participated... I enjoyed the learning experience myself... winning a prize was a bonus.

You did well with your participation considering how you have been felling.

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Eirlys Evans says... Apr 16, 2015

Hi astr1x

Yes it was great to have a place where we could discuss matters in a friendly setting. We didn't have  any trolls or other unfriendly postings. I hope that we do interact in other forums because it is useful to see how other people see ways of improving our lives, and water is essential to life.  By the way I saw that you live in Wales, well I live on the border in Shropshire. I was born in Aberystwyth  so feel more Welsh than English.

See you soon.


Janet Bradley says... Apr 14, 2015

Thanks Snowdrop - I have enjoyed interacting with you - I think we don't live too far from each other, as we both understand rural living!!! Hope to meet up with you on another community forum.

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George Richardson says... Apr 15, 2015

Dear aster1x it has been a pleasure to share and exchange ideas with  you on many topics and on many occasions, yes and even crossing swords occasionaly. Well done in taking the winners rosette,that took an awful lot of effort and inciteful input. it.s the country air wot dun it.                                            Yours with respect, George.

Janet Bradley says... Apr 16, 2015

Thanks George... I think I said early on that the benefit of the community was that we did say how we felt... with these things it's important that the community had the differing views of a cross section of society... the fact that we were open enough to say how we felt about things... and yes, that may have appeared as crossing swords, was very helpful to the community at large I believe! I am sure we will meet on another community... and will enjoy more interaction and exercise of the little grey cells. Well done with all your input.

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