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It's Concepts Time!

Posted by Chloe Booker (Admin) Mar 31, 2015

Hello Water Talkers! 

Thank you so much for your ongoing participation with the Water Talkers community. Your votes and comments have been fantastic and have helped us to prioritise your ideas and to see how they can develop. 

As promised, those awarded with badges will be contacted to receive water efficiency prizes from Thames Water. In addition, £25 vouchers are going to the originaters of the top 3 ideas per challenge. Check out the winners at the bottom of this email!

Based on your brilliant ideas, the Water Talkers team have been developing concepts which we will be publishing very shortly, starting with Water Aware. Please VOTE and COMMENT on these concepts. Think about whether you would use these concepts or get involved if they were rolled out? If not, why not? How could it be improved or made more interesting?

We need to hear from YOU!!! The person who provides the most insightful comments and offers the most productive builds will be awarded £150. We also have a hand pump from Affinity Water to give away. 

Get involved with this exciting final stage!

Gina, Chloë and Katie


Water Aware: aster1x - Celebrity Environmental Challenge / HammyHamster - Reason to Save / aoc27 Bottled Water

Meaningful Measures: burttt - pebbles?? / arequipa bath stickers could be a fun way to learn / Lewis Jones - water calculator

Loo Litter: Kat32 - if it's not a 1 or 2 don't flush it down the loo / bambi wipes on the beach / Jimn Lifting the lid!

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Comments (5)

Janet Bradley says... Mar 31, 2015

Thank you... I'm starting to see the concepts going forward... great to have been a part so far.

anita lewis says... Mar 31, 2015

Thankyou! I noticed the posts had lost their way a bit in last few days so looking forward to the next mission!

Jim Samme says... Mar 31, 2015

I don't know how you seperate all the ideas and comment, but I'm glad I don't have that job!

George Richardson says... Apr 1, 2015

Sorry very busy,will try catch up ,join in later.

George Richardson says... Apr 4, 2015

Finally found time to contribute,and it is nice to see things tightening up.

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